Manchester United-sange

Manchester Uniteds fans har stolte traditioner med deres fansange.
Her på siden har vi samlet en række af de kendte sange om både egne spillere, legender og trænere, samt de lidt mere spydige mod Manchester Uniteds evige rivaler.

Kategori Overskriftsorter faldende Melodi Youtube
United 20 times 20 times Man United - N
Spillere Anderson Black Lace - Agadoo N
Rivaler Build a bonfire Oh my darling Clementine N
Rivaler Cheer up Kevin Keegan Daydream Believer N
Rivaler Chelsea's going under If you want to go to heaven N
Rivaler City gonna die - N
Diverse Clattenburg-sange - N
Managers Come on David Moyes Cum on feel the noize Y
Rivaler Do the Steven Gerrard - N
Spillere Dont sell my Park Achy breaky heart N
Turneringer Drink whereever you maybe Lord of the dance N
Spillere Eric the King lily the pink N
Managers Every single one of us loves Ferguson Down by the riverside Y
Managers Fergie won the lot Yellow submarine N
Managers Fergies army Tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching Y
United Forever and Ever - N
United From the banks of the Irwell - Y
United From the dark snows of Munich The Wld Rover N
Spillere Georgie Best the Belfast boy - N
Spillere Giggs will tear you apart love will tear you apart N
Spillere Go on the piss with Georgie Best - N
Spillere Harry Maguire - his head’s f***ing massive! Ritchie Valens - La Bamba Y
Spillere He came from Uruguay - N
Spillere He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney - N
Spillere He'll f*cking murder ya - N
Rivaler Heeey Leeds Scum Hey Baby N
Rivaler Here's to you Vincent Kompany Mrs Robinson N
Spillere His name is Larsson McNamaras Band N
Spillere His name is Shinji - N
Rivaler Hollow Chelsea - N
Spillere I wanna tell you - N
Rivaler If You Hate Leeds United She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain N
Rivaler in your Liverpool slum - N
Rivaler Instanbul They're not going - N
Spillere It's hard to believe it's not Scholes - Y
Spillere Keano's magic hat My old man's a dustman N
Diverse Maybe it's because I'm a londoner - N
Spillere Michael Carrick is a Red - N
Rivaler Mourinho are you listening? Walking in a winter wonderland N
Rivaler My old man - N
Spillere Neville brødrernes sang London bridge is falling down N
Managers Now every single one of us loves Alex Ferguson Down by the riverside Y
Spillere Oh Owen Hargreaves Can't Take My Eyes Off You (I Love You Baby) N
United Oh when the reds go marching in When the saints go marching in Y
Spillere ohh ahh Cantona What a friend we have in jesus N
Spillere Ohh Robin van Persie Seven nation Army (White Stripes) N
Spillere Ooh Aah Cantona La Marseillaise, Go West og Oops Upside Your Head N
Managers Packet of Sweets - N
Spillere Park Park, where ever you may be - N
Spillere Paul Scholes galore kompaya N
Rivaler Poor little scouser - N
Spillere Rodrigo Possebon KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up N
United Rome or Mandalay - N
United Rossobianchi Sos Cagon Y
Spillere Ruud Van Nistelrooy Brown girl in the ring N
Spillere Ryan Giggs running down the wing Robin Hood riding through the glen N
Rivaler Steve Gerrard Que sera sera N
Fans Stretford Ender - N
Diverse The flowers of Manchester The flowers of Manchester N
Spillere The man from Argentina - N
United The Red Flag The red flag Y
Diverse The Reds will never die The Fields of Athenry N
Spillere The twelve days of Cantona Twelve days of christmas N
Spillere The Wonder of Dieu The wonder of you N
Spillere There's only one David Beckham Winter Wonderland N
Spillere There's only one Keano - N
Rivaler This is how it feels to be City (passport's back in the drawer) - N
Turneringer Thursday nights in Amsterdam Thursday nights - Channel 5 N
United U-N-I-T-E-D Knick-Knack Paddywhack Y
United U-N-I-T-E-D is the team for me This Old Man Y
United United Calypso United calypso N
Old Trafford United Road Country Road N
Spillere Viera-sangen - N
Rivaler Viva John Terry - N
Spillere Viva Ronaldo Ole N
Spillere We All Live In A Georgie Best World Yellow Submarine N
Spillere We are the Busby Boys We are the Busby boys N
Spillere We got Patrice Evra - N
Rivaler We Hate Liverpool, Man City and Leeds - N
United We love United - Y
Diverse We saw you cry on the telly - N
United We shall no be moved We shall not be removed N
United We'll do what we want - Y
Diverse We're not for sale - N
Turneringer We're the pride of all Europe Just One Of Those Songs N
Spillere We've got Wesley Brown Knees up Mother Brown N
Diverse Wem-ber-ley - N
Spillere Wesley Brown the hardest man bad bad Leroy Brown N
Rivaler What I like most is kicking a blue - N
Spillere When Johnny goes marching down the wing When Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, hurrah N
Spillere Who put the ball in the Germans/Scousers net? Lou,Lou,Skip to my Lou N
Spillere Who's that twat from Argentina - N
Rivaler You are a Scouser - N
Spillere You are my Solskjaer You are my sunshine N
Rivaler You think you're moustache is trendy - N
Spillere Zlatan Ibrahimovic - N